Incarnational Vs Pioneer Mission

August 15, 2014

There’s a lot of talk about Incarnational Mission and Pioneer Mission. Incarnational Mission has been on everyone’s radar over the last ten years. Followers of Jesus moving into estates and communities to “incarnate” the Kingdom amongst people who don’t know Jesus. Whilst this has been a much needed advance – it isn’t the full picture. Jesus did incarnate himself amongst people – but from the age of 30 when His public ministry began he practiced what we call Pioneer Mission. He moved across an entire region preaching from place to place, entering the homes of People of Peace and intentionally training disciples to continue this work of mission and multiplication…In this short video Carl Palmer (Leader of Haddon Hall Baptist Church in London) shares his views on mission and how there is a need to move on from being just nice people who live in the city to become disciples who intentionally make more disciples and spread the Kingdom. Newforms offers training to churches and organisations in Pioneer Mission and forming simple missional communities around People Of Peace – contact us if you’d like to find out more

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