Do you want to see the Gospel of the Kingdom spreading rapidly on the streets, in cafe’s and amongst different cultures and groups? Are you interested in how your church or group could become more ‘missional’? Looking for a mission week or year out opportunity which will give you practical hands on skills?

1 Week

The 1 week “Experience” involves a mixture of practical training in the mornings and radical practice in the afternoons/evenings. A Newforms Trainer or team will facilitate a “Newforms Experience” with you.

3 Months

Join us for a summer mission or 3 month period. Through this time you will become part of the team at one of our regional mission bases. A 3 month experience gives you the opportunity to see whether a “life of mission” is really for you and you’ll have opportunities to help grow the work locally and nationally.

1 Year

Come and join the team for one year. You will join one of our regional mission bases and will become part of the team. You will also have great opportunities to contribute towards the work of Newforms Resources and Mission Britain. Not only will you learn amazing lessons about “on the ground mission” but you’ll also learn invaluable skills that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life.

To join a Newforms Experience please contact us