Newforms Resources FAQ

Question: What is your experience of making disciples and missional communities?
Answer: For more than 10 years we have been learning, developing and using methods and practical tools that have succeeded in making disciples and starting missional communities. We have been sharing these methods and tools with others through mentoring, training courses and conferences – see Celebrating 10 years.

Question: What is the advantage of doing a Vision Day?
Answer: The Vision Day is useful for those at the early stages of exploring questions around missional living and making and multiplying disciples.

Question: What is the different between a Vision Day and Level 1 Training?
Answer: Vision Days are facilitated discussions and general vision sharing around what scripture has to say about making disciples and multiplying simple missional communities.  Level 1 Training is a “how to” course aimed at providing tools and skills necessary for individuals and groups to start and continue making disciples and multiplying simple missional communities.


Overview of a Vision DayOverview of Level 1 Training
  • Introductions
  • Prayer & Report back
  • Overview of Simple/Missional Communities
  • Shifting Mindsets
  • Reflection and Report back
  • Video examples
  • Taster of the Pioneer Process
  • Introductions
  • Kingdom Vision
  • Overview of the Pioneer Process
  • Person of Peace
  • Plant
  • Persecution & Multiplication
  • Pray
  • People/Place
  • Preach
  • Power
  • Persecution
  • Truth & Dare

Question: How long does the Level 1 Training last?
Answer: Normally the Level 1 Training starts on a Friday evening and finishes on the Sunday afternoon.

Question: When is the next Newforms Resources Training event?
Answer: Please contact us to find out details of the next Training event.

Question: Is there a financial cost for a Newforms Resources Training?
Answer: Yes, please see the table below.

Vision DayLevel 1 Training – Private BookingLevel 1 Training – Public Booking
Cost£20 per person£750£75 per person

Question: Are there concession rates available?
Answer: If you believe that the majority of attendees will struggle with the standard costs (e.g. they are unemployed or students) please contact us to see if/how we can help.

Question: Are there any restrictions on the numbers of people who can attend a Newforms Resources Training?
Answer: Normally a Vision Day would for between 10 and 70 people and the Level 1 Training would be for groups of 15 to 30 people. These numbers reflect the different nature of the two events & our experiences of running these events effectively.

Question: What are the responsibilities of the person or group who book a Newforms Resources Training?
Answer: Responsibilities include organising the Venue; Training Resources (e.g. flip chart); Catering; Completing all details of the booking; Accommodation for Newforms Trainer(s) (where overnight stays are needed). A full list of responsibilities is provided when a booking is made.

Question: Can I attend a Newforms Resources Training event organised by someone else?
Answer: Yes. If you register your details here, we will contact you about future Newforms Resources Events.