Here’s what people are saying about our team and the training they offer…

“Newforms Resources is a cutting edge, movement generating catalyst that is the best thing I have seen in all of the UK for transforming the United Kingdom for God’s Kingdom and I for one am honored to associate with them”

“Newforms is a training system geared solely around multiplication church planting in an incarnational mode.  This is precisely the type of leadership development needed to advance the cause of the Kingdom in the 21st Century.  More power to them”

  • Mike Moynagh, author of ‘Church for Every Context’ and research director at Fresh Expressions

‘I warmly commend NewformsResources to anyone involved in fresh expressions of church. They are brilliant at helping ordinary Christians to share the gospel in simple ways and to help new Christians follow Jesus. Not least, if you want your Christian community to reproduce, take some lessons from NewformsResources. You won’t be disappointed.’ 

“Newforms believe that God wants to see disciple making movements across Britain that spill over into the nations. Even better, they back up their faith with action”

“This work that Newforms Resources are doing is vital and timely! There is plenty of room in the body of Christ for every expression of Christ’s family. And simple/organic churches are one of the most effective forms of multiplying church life across the world-wide Christian landscape. We have known Peter and Marsha for some years and have greatly valued working with them. Put them and the resources that they are creating to work in the UK!”

“Simple church does not mean we need to be simplistic, us-four-no-more ghettos for holier-than-thou folks that live under a carpet so that nobody notices them. Jesus spoke about the challenge that his folks should let others see their deeds so that they shall praise their father in heaven. This means that Kingdom people live both a private and a public life. Therefore it is a most, not a can-option, to overcome a mindset that idealizes and idolizes house churches and be Kingdom players both in private and in public. And therefore we absolutely need the strategic dimension that is brought to the table by prophetic and apostolic people as well – or we sin, violating Kingdom principles … and stay in oblivion…”

“God is doing something extraordinary in our day. Across the world, there are church planting movements of multiplying disciples and churches that are breaking through cultural barriers and transforming communities. God is revealing his strategies and plans, and as people follow Jesus into the harvest, lives are radically changed. The most effective of these movements–the ones that are seeing the greatest amount of fruit in terms of new believers–have resources and training that equips ordinary people to make a difference.God has his plans for the UK too–she need not be left watching the Holy Spirit’s activity from the sidelines. I highly recommend the training and coaching of Newforms in equipping and releasing others for God’s purposes and plans for this nation.”
“A fantastic time of inspiration and learning principles like ‘truth and dare’ and disciple making. All our team leaders were here and they had a fantastic time. The training was delivered with humour, humility and was rooted in the scriptures. I totally endorse what these guys are doing and the work of Mission Britain and you need to get a taste of it!”
“Simple church networks that intentionally train their members to reproduce are 4 times more effective in their mission. This is one of the outcomes of our Europe-wide research among simple church networks. New Forms Resources facilitates this kind of intentional training”                                                 
  • Neville Barnes, Xplore, Church Army
‘Peter’s training helped move scripture into reality for Xplore. I saw our leaders move from fear to a place of boldness. The mix of great teaching and putting into practice on the streets and estates of Sheffield really firmed up a new way of being missional in the UK today. If this training were to happen across the UK. I’d dare to believe that the UK would be discipled in my lifetime. What a goal. The reason training was so good, Peter gave us a good introduction to Pioneer Mission, moving us from meeting people, finding a person of peace to starting simple missional communities. He then did what others don’t do, he took us out to practice it and then taught us again on areas he saw in us that needed more work. What’s so good is that the Xplore Interns can’t wait to go and do it’
“I highly recommend the work of Newforms Resources. There is a great need to multiply trainers and coaches to see a church planting movement happen in Europe and the UK. Peter and his team believe in intentionally training people who can train others to make disciples. I’ve had the privilige of pre-reading one of their resources and offered some comments. The work they are producing is very practical, down to earth and focused on obeying Jesus and learning by experience.”


“Much of the evangelical wing of the church has believed that our problems will be solved by better, more “biblical” teaching/preaching.  It may be a bit naughty to suggest that this belief comes from leaders whose main gift is preaching or teaching!  However, if better preaching will solve our problems, let us have that better preaching but several generations of “good” sermons have not solved our problems.  The problems have gotten worse.  It may be helpful to notice that Jesus commanded us to “train the nations to obey” all that He commanded.  Teaching alone is like pushing a string.  It informs but does not transform.  Training involves both teaching and doing.  That transforms.  Many leaders feel safe on the platform and would say that they teach to transform but never involve themselves in actual training since that could expose them to risk, failure and fruit inspection. Many believers like to listen and escape the responsibilities and risks of obedience.  It is truth and action which generates the faith that pleases God.  Newforms Resources is unique and powerful in putting truth and action together to see transformation of lives and  communities.  We highly recommend this training!”

We found Peter Farmer’s training sessions challenging, motivational and encouraging. Did Peter teach us new knowledge? For most of us, probably not that much, although the bringing together of hitherto unconnected biblical images and stories stretched the imagination. Have we changed as a result of the training? Most certainly! When we gathered people together 6 months after the Peter Farmer visit, we asked the question, “So what’s new in the last 6 months?” The storytelling continued all morning about new groups springing up as a result of new confidence, new urgency and a sense of commission. Peter’s intelligent presentation of the Scriptures, combined with his obvious passion for the Gospel will release the power of the Spirit to change chin-waggers into organic church-planters. Don’t invite Peter if your desire is merely to talk about mission!”

“We did not really have much idea of how to multiply or make disciples despite some of us having been Christians for 10 – 20 years! What Peter’s training achieved was to inspire in us revolutionary, yet fundamental ways of looking at multiplication, unification, obedience and movement. As a result we are most certainly changed (and challenged) in the way we look at discipleship and obedience. Through Peter’s scriptural based training we have discovered the tools needed for multiplication and the ability to set goals for that multiplication to be achieved. We have also discovered a refreshingly simple approach to it all. Anyone can do it! We have both mature and new followers of Jesus in our network, some only coming to faith within the last month or two and, thanks to this training, we are all now confident in our ability to disciple, train and lead other people, and teach them to do the same! We began to see results even before the training finished! We thoroughly recommend this training and we are looking forward to working with Peter again on other courses.”

“We have been working for the renewal of the church in Britain since 1972, and have been active in worldwide church planting since 1980, and we have seen nothing more helpful for our work than the materials being shared by Newforms. There is no shortage of printed materials to inform the mind, but the materials that actually help get new work started and stabilized are very rare. The practical training and teaching that Newforms are providing the church are the very best I know. We are adopting them for NAMS all over the world.”